Mistakes to avoid while buying an online life insurance policy

Buying an insurance policy online can appear as a faster and hassle free task. Well to be true, it is. Online process has made insurance buying much simpler and easier. A basic know-how of internet and a decent connection is all you need to get yourself a suitable policy. However, there are still a few things which one must keep in mind before making the purchase.

Here are a few common mistakes that we do while buying online policy.

Understanding Traditional Plans

Traditional plans are the oldest kind of insurance plans that are available in the market. For those, who seek lesser risk, these are the most ideal insurance plans. Although the oldest plans, there is still a lot of misunderstandings about the plan.

These are considered to be risk free and one of the safest plans. If you are wondering how then let us have a detailed look.

Traditional insurance plans offer fixed returns to the insured at the time of maturity. In case of death, fixed returns are offered to the nominee. Along with this, there is also an ensured safety of funds as the investment guidelines (by IRDA) offer a cap on equity investments. The investment risks here are borne by the insurance companies, making it even more profitable for the buyers.

Choose suitable Life Insurance plan not the cheapest..

With increasing number of insurance products in the market, customers enjoy a wide array of choices. Many competitive products are being offered, some at comparatively lesser rates as well. Predictably, many of us also prefer products which are cheaper. However the question we need to ask ourselves is - whether every cheap product is good?

Life Insurance, one of the most crucial of all the products are available in a wide range, each plan with something unique to offer. Insurance companies are in a competition to lure consumers with attractive features. Although most of the features are beneficial to us we do need to evaluate thoroughly before finalising one.

Five secrets of leading a happy life

Lead a healthy life, take less stress, exercise daily, eat healthy. Haven't we all heard these once in a while, sometimes as a reminder, sometimes as a command. A healthy, hassle-free life is something we all wish to have. A bit of planning and a healthy routine is all what we need for a happy living. Here are a few changes that we can do for a better self.

Watch what you eat

What we eat decides how we live. Healthy diet doesn't mean total exclusion of carbohydrates and fat. In fact, what we really need is a balanced diet. Our body needs fair share of fibre, proteins, minerals, vitamins along with fats and carbs too. So whatever you eat, choose carefully. For instance, for a healthy snacking, you can have almonds, which are high in protein as well as have lower cholesterol

Gifting Financial stability: Why you should gift life insurance this New Year?

Wondering what to gift your loved ones this year? Gadgets, kitchen wares, latest toy, tickets to a popular music event or a trip, video games, designer clothes — these are just a few gift options worth our consideration. Isn't it? How about considering something different this year, something which can be useful to them even in the years to come? How about gifting a life-insurance policy?

It might not sound as exciting as planning other gifts. It might not even glitter enough on a Christmas tree or bring a bright smile on the faces of your younger one. However, it is one of the most practical gifts that you can give to your loved ones. One of the best ways to start your new year, filled with hopes and strengthened with support.

Misselling of life insurance policies - Beware!

What is mis-selling? As the name suggests, it involves selling of products by giving false or partial information.

Wondering how is it relevant to you? It is not restricted to any particular kind of products, rather it has become quite common in the insurance sector, a place which is highly susceptible to mis-selling. Consumers are convinced in such a way that they end up buying an unsuitable product. Many a times, the risks are not explained properly and misleading information is given.

Now comes the most important question - how to avoid mis-selling? Here are a few tips:

Things to know before buying a life insurance

When it comes to buying an insurance plan, there are many things which one needs to look into, especially, if you are buying for the first time. Like every new experience, process of purchasing a life insurance policy might appear intimidating and confusing too.

Which is the best plan to buy? From where should I buy? Do I really need insurance and why? How should I choose a plan? These are a few questions that will come haunting.

Here are a few tips that will help you in buying a suitable plan.

Buying Online Insurance in India - Myths Vs Facts

Many of us are still sceptical when it comes to buying an insurance. The apprehension increases even further if the buying is via online medium.

Why are we still unconvinced to purchase a life insurance policy through a fairly simple online method? There are many misconceptions that are associated with online buying. Lets look into some of the prevailing myths about online life insurance:

Myth 1-There is zero personal assistance.

Fact: It is one of major and most popular misconceptions. However, the fact is that most of the insurance companies do have the option of constant online assistance. From information about the plan to clarifications on a clause, you can have real time assistance through a live online chat or toll free number call.

Shriram Life a Insuring Dreams

"Insuring Dreams", this is exactly what we, at Shriram Life, do.

Shriram Life has emerged out of a parent company whose philosophy revolves around Aam Aadmi (the common man), not in papers, but in actuality. With a sole motivation to serve the marginalised section, every single member of Shriram family strive towards creating a better world, for himself/herself and for those around him/her.

For a world, where business means profits and self-centric service, our work-values might sound a bit farfetched. Understandably, the doubt is genuine and undeniable. So here, let us have a glance into the background of Shriram Life and the Shriram Group.

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